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Land Owners

Productive farmland is an increasingly rare and valuable resource—and successful land transfers take time! Planning ahead for the eventual transition of your land is one of the most important decisions you can make as a landowner. Our new generation of farmers are facing myriad challenges. We’re here to support you and provide a better understanding of those challenges, as well as provide resources to equip you with the means to make the best decisions for you, your land, and incoming farmers.

Get Support Now!
If you would like help making your land available to farmers click the "Intake Form" button below

You can also contact Bonnie Warndahl at

If you are just starting to think about passing your land on to a new steward this recorded webinar may help answer some of your questions and provide useful resources!

Helpful links for landowners

Your Farm's Future Steward: What to consider before making your land available to the next generation

Making Farmland Transition Options Available to Landowners   
University of Wisconsin Extension webinar based on land legacy article series

Buy, Protect, Sell Webinar Series—American Farmland Trust

Self-assessment tools for land owners


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