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The good news is that there are a growing number of resources available to both incoming and exiting farmers to help facilitate the transfer of land in ways that benefit both parties and preserve our precious farmland for future generations. 

Check back here monthly for stories and videos relevant to farmland access.

MPR News—Morning Edition
Advocates Strive To Ensure Equitable Access To Midwest Farmland—Phil Picardi interviews Jan Joannides, November 16, 2023

Minnesota Now

MPR NEWS—Minnesota Now

Off-farm landowners share their families' stories of transition—Cathy Wurzer and Alanna Elder, April 24, 2023

Land Access
News and Media Links

Article: Root River Current— Passing On The Farm By Julie Little, February 2023

Article: Navigating Land Connections By Martha McFarland, Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI), December 28, 2022


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