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Aug. 2023—Meet & Greets, Land Access Opportunities, and More!

Meet & Greets Return to Connect Farmers and Landowners

By Bonnie Warndahl

It’s back… and better than before! The Farmland Access Hub will again be hosting an opportunity for farmers and landowners to network and learn about technical and financial resources—but this time participants can choose to attend one of four different locations. These free 1-day regional farmland transition meet & greet events—open to landowners, landseekers, and service providers—will be held at four different farms on September 10 and 12: Wadena, Minnesota; Elk River, Minnesota; Montgomery, Minnesota and Ripon, Wisconsin.

The Hub hosted its first Meet & Greet in Spring Valley, Wisconsin back in April. It was such a great success, and there was so much demand for more events like it, that our team immediately began planning more. This time though, rather than planning one event at a time, we realized we could have a farther reach by hosting multiple events on the same day—thus, we began recruiting partners and sponsors.

What it involves:

Landowners and landseekers will be provided opportunities for networking as well as:

  • Learn more about the Farmland Access Hub and Navigator program

  • Learn about financing options and alternative/collaborative methods of accessing land

  • Expand knowledge about Agricultural Conservation Easements (ACEs) to protect farmland and make it more accessible

  • Network with farmers, aspiring farmers, and landowners in the region

  • Tour a farm or ag-related business that is either interested in providing farmland access or has been through a recent transfer of ownership

To learn more about each specific event and get registered follow this link!

For questions, please contact Bonnie Warndahl at

Thanks to our partners Marbleseed, Land Stewardship Project, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Region 9 Development Commission, and Foxhead Regenerative Agriculture for help with organizing and hosting what will hopefully be the start of many such meet & greet events!

Farming Opportunity at Big River Farms

Big River Farms is seeking new growers for the 2024 season. Applications will be open and on the website, starting Monday, August 21.

For new prospects there are two new farmer open houses coming up, Saturday, August 26 from 10 AM–12 PM and Sunday, September 24 from 10 AM–12 PM at Big River Farms. These open houses are intended for people interested in our program and would like to learn more. We will be giving a tour of the farm, staff will be sharing information about our program, and attendees can learn about opportunities to cultivate their own food or grow their farm business.

Unique Chance To Buy A Farm! Ann Arbor, Michigan

I learned about the “greenbelt” of Ann Arbor last year during a work training and though it was a fascinating project. In recognizing how rapidly good farmland and green space was disappearing around the city, measures were taken to start protecting these areas and now—20 years later—nearly 8,000 acres have been preserved around Ann Arbor, Michigan. To celebrate, the Ann Arbor Greenbelt Program is providing a “Buy-Protect-Sell” opportunity on two farms in the Greenbelt. Read more and find out how to apply here!

Minnesota Incubator Farm Seeking Farmers for 2024

By Dayna Burtness

Dayna Burtness and her husband Nick host incubatees on their farm in the beautiful driftless region of southeastern Minnesota.

If you know of someone who wants to start their own ag or land-based business but isn't ready for their own farm, please let them know about our incubator farm program, based on our pastured livestock farm near Spring Grove, MN in the beautiful Driftless Area.

What's an incubator farm program? On our farm, it's an opportunity to co-locate an ag biz on an established farm for 1-3 years in order to grow your enterprise, experience the highs and lows of being your own boss, and access land/equipment/infrastructure without a farm mortgage looming over your head. (Even though all of the following things can be great, we want to be clear: this isn't a job, apprenticeship, internship, or intentional community)!

Some of the available niches on our land for the 2024 season and beyond include pastured chickens/turkeys/ducks, small ruminants, and more. (We have intense deer pressure so veggie farming would be a stretch without building your own deer fence).

For program details like costs, housing options and more, check out our website. Ideal candidates will have farming experience, good communication skills, and entrepreneurial drive.

Feel free to reach out with your questions and ideas! Even if your business idea isn't the right fit for our program, I'll try to help connect you with a farm that might be.

Contact: Dayna Burntess

Farming Opportunity at Tedesco Farm, Des Moines, Iowa

The Tedesco Farm is a 13-acre farm located outside of Des Moines, Iowa. In 2016, Angela Tedesco gifted these acres to Practical Farmers of Iowa. Practical Farmers of Iowa is seeking a new tenant for the 2024 growing season, with potential for a longer-term lease in 2025. The land includes two sheds, a cooler, and soft-sided greenhouse.

Farming Opportunity at Humble Hands Harvest, Decorah, IA

Humble Hands Harvest in Decorah Iowa, is hiring for the 2024 growing season! Here is the job descption. We are open to considering full-time and part-time workers. Housing on the farm is available if you're interested in sharing a household. The unique thing about our farm is that we are a worker-owned co-op, which means that by working with us you are on a path toward ownership and equity in a farm business. Learn more about that here! If you (or anyone you know) are interested in talking more about the opportunities we have at Humble Hands Harvest for April-October 2024, start a conversation with us at!

Lease Opportunity at Four Season Farm, Harborside, Maine

You may have heard of Elliot Coleman, famed for his no-nonsense attitude and pioneering year-round farming, even in the harsh conditions of Maine. Coleman has authored several books including The New Organic Grower and The Winter Harvest Handbook.

Coleman’s acclaimed farm, Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine, has been internationally recognized as a model of small-scale, year-round sustainable agriculture—and now it’s in need of new tenants! To learn more about this turn-key opportunity visit Four Seasons Farm’s website:

Save the Date/Call for Proposals–2023 Farmland Summit

Do you have a farmland access workshop or session idea you would like to present at the 2023 Farmland Summit? We are now accepting proposals and are open to a wide variety of session formats and lengths. Proposals are due by Friday, September 8th, 2023. See the application form for details.

Please help us spread the word about this opportunity to lead or collaborate on a session by sharing this information with colleagues and partners who might be interested!

The 2023 conference will be held November 14-15, 2023 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota, just a 45 minute drive from the Twin Cities. We hope you will join us! Check out the event page to stay posted about registration (coming soon) and other details.

Please feel free to reach out to Catie DeMets at with any questions!

Interested in transitioning your farm?

Are you a landowner interested in transitioning your farm to the next generation? You may want to consider featuring your farm’s profile on the new “Transitions” page on the Farmland Access Hub website. It is our hope that this page will become a central resource in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa tri-state area for farmland owners hoping to connect with interested farmers regarding the transfer of land and farm businesses. If you would like to have your farm’s profile added to the transitions page please contact Bonnie Warndahl at or 612-462-9311.



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