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Duaba Unenra

Donor Organizer, Wild Path Collective

Duaba (He/They) is a Black culture worker, donor organizer, community builder from New Orleans who now calls Minneapolis home. He is a community and organization development practitioner whose work focuses on increasing the economic, social, and political power of Black, Native, and People of Culture.

Duaba is also a founding member of the Wild Path Collective, a cooperative land and cultural regeneration organization focused on restoring connections to land for People of Culture to the soil. Their goal is to create access to land for people who have been pushed out of their homelands into cities and ghettos, so that they can remember their ancestral ways of regenerating the soil, soul, and culture. Currently, the collective stewards 80 acres of land and water held as a commons in Osceola, WI, a project which took three years of relationship building and donor organizing to secure. Now they are preparing to enter another season of donor organizing to raise funds for land work, programming, and creating an endownment to stabilize the land.

Duaba Unenra
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