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Kings Hill Farm

Mineral Point, WI

ISO Organic Vegetable Farmers​


Kings Hill Farm is an organic vegetable farm located in Mineral Point, southwest Wisconsin. The organic farm, buildings and associated infrastructure occupy approx. 40 acres. Farming acreage is served fully by irrigation, water well and pumps.

The remaining acres contiguous to the farm occupy several hundred acres that consist of woodlands, ponds, conservation reserve land (CREP), and separately leased farmland for organic crops (corn; soybeans; hay; cover crops etc.)



The farm buildings located on the farm are:

  • farmhouse (with intern housing on the ground floor for 4-6 seasonal workers/common room/kitchen/bathroom/laundry);

  • packing and cooling shed (3 stainless tables, 2 market scales, bag sealer, 4 basin stainless sink, 1 300 gallon stainless bulk tank, plastic food grade folding tables, stainless greens spinner w/ greens baskets, stainless green bean bagging machine, 4' X 15' Brushwasher (roots wash line), dollies, rolling dollies, harvest totes and bins, sheers, knives, bags, 25 large collapsible 20 bushel harvest bins, air compressor set up, ice machine, fatigue mats, mouse traps, 1 bakery shelf, brooms, squiggies, 2 door stainless fridge, hoses; barrel washer

  • three greenhouses (48’x32’ / 98’x32’ / 100'x36’);

  • Equipment Shed (78’ x 32’)




Harvest – Potato digger, under cutter, 3 pt harvest basket; Potato planter, 3 pt Dema 22 row seeder, transplanter, water wheel, bed ripper, 3 rotavators, 3 bottom plow, leyley tine weeder, 1 Allis G tractor (electric) and basket weeder and beet-knife cultivator, 3 pt cement mixer, brush hog, snow blower, fork lift, forks, bucket, flat bed trailer, generator, fans, diesel and gas fuel tanks, scraper blade, gandy drop spreader, cone spreader, 2 potato cultivators, plastic mulch layer, hog paneling, manure spreader, bat wing mower,  1 Sprinter Refrigerated Van. 2 Kubota Tractors.


Irrigation Equipment


Water tanks, stationary pipe, blue lay flat hosing, banjo fittings, drip emitters and tools, well on tap, flex hoses

Perennial Forest (approx. 5 acres)

Rhubarb, raspberries, asparagus (roughly 1.5 acres) service berries, hi bush cranberries, hazelnuts, chestnuts American/Chinese, apples, pears, Asian pears, plums, comfrey, chives, lilacs, black walnuts


CSA Status


As of the beginning 2023 season, there were approximately 115 CSA members signed up, located primarily in the Chicago and SW Wisconsin areas.

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