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Seven Songs Organic Farm—Kenyon, MN

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The Farm

Seven Songs is a seven-acre farm near Kenyon, Minnesota, an hour south of St. Paul. Soils are primarily silt loam. There are five structures on the property: an updated 1900s 3-bedroom house; an updated 1900 barn with vegetable packing shed; a granary converted to chicken coop, and storage; a 32' x 70' Remol Nor’easter hoophouse; and a homemade 12' x 60' hoophouse. The farm receives internet through a line-of-sight wireless broadband connection. Speeds up to 1 gigabit are available.

​The farm is surrounded on three sides by GMO corn and soybeans owned by our neighbor who is careful about chemical application. The fourth side faces a 10-acre residence where horses are grazed.


The Business

Currently the farm produces certified organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit for wholesale use, as well as bedding plants and eggs sold directly to customers. In good years the farm grosses $60,000 and there is room for improvements in efficiency and quantity. Owner has built up a wholesale clientele who commit during the winter to purchase $45,000 in produce to be delivered in the summer and fall. These contracts and contacts are part of what is being offered as part of the sale.

The Specifics

Owners prefer that the farm be sold to another sustainable farmer and are welcoming to farmers of color. They understand that a transfer may take time, as the buyer works with government or other lenders. Their timeline for moving is between now and 2027.



Owners are currently asking $350,000 and are willing to provide all of the business contacts for free if the person wants to continue Seven Songs Organic Farm as an entity. They have taken the Land Stewardship Project's Farm Transitions course in preparation for a farm transfer and are open to creative purchasing models or land ownership models.


Who you are:

"We are looking for people who are passionate about sustainable farming using organic methods. We prefer farmers with at least 2 years of experience for whom farming is an obsession. We expect to review and meet with people until we find the right fit."  


Next steps:

Feel free to call and ask clarifying questions, but if you are seriously interested in this opportunity, please send a letter outlining your experience and farming goals to:

Melissa Driscoll

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